Lost and Dead in Thunderland

A research on petroglyphs (ancient carvings on stones), from her homeland in Galicia, leads Mercé Rande to explore the historical and spiritual ties that bind her region with the Atlantic coast. Deeping in the ancient history to find the meaning of this symbols on the stones, arriving until Egypt and particulary to Alexandria. Her performance questions the disorder of the present, the fear of the future, together with Enea Mangili sound compositions, she's projected to a sensitive storm, adopting the concentric circles as a call to find the way out of the  labyrinth.  

(Text: Emilie Petit, co-director Nassim El Raqs festival)

Project supported by Alt Vigo Festival, Developed in Tanzhaus residence, Zurich, and co produced by Nassim el Raqs with the support of I-Act, Alexandria, Egypt.

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