LP4am Sculpture DeVice

Developed and released in Tanzhaus Zurich, within the program as Mercé de Rande official choreographer in residence for 2014. Based on the story that led the artist A. Giacometti to create the sculpture "Le Palais à quatre heures matin". Format combo between installation and performance. The action remaining result, may be on exposition for a limited time. 

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Proxecto Zocas

Open air performance made on Clogs, primitive wooden shoes, common in Galice and all European Atlantic axis. From Galician traditional dance, (embracing originally Clogs dances), to contemporary dance, with live hurdy-gurdy music, renewed with contemporary technologies. Include a sample of Clogs construction, realised by the handicraftsman, influencing the sound and potency the show result.

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Fiando o Kaos

Galician identity, travels between magic and reality. From what we Galicians think about ourselves to how the others see us...     A multidisciplinary production who allow a think over on what Galicians understand as being "Galitian", to try to understand the "illness of repression" who maintains Galicians in a state of self-devaluation. Galicia, an old land of magic stories, which we can never be sure if they were tru or not. 



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