Tanzhaus Première 2014, Galeria de fotos

Artistic Crew

Direction, Concept: Mercé de Rande


Performers: Robert Baranowski, Mercé de Rande


Dramaturgy: Albrecht Lehmann


Music: Macarena Montesinos


Short film: Paloma Ayala


LP4am Sculpture DeVice

This project is the stage interpretation of  "Le Palais à quatre heures du matin" sculpture from Alberto Giacometti. By the transfer from this sculpture to a human scale it becomes the environment. As an installation to be constructed on place, displaying this action, performers follow the line from XX sculpture to XXI performance / installation.

Giacometti's Palace tell the hidden story of a love affair and about the complexity and fragility of love relationship between men and women. The performers represent love relation by the common activity of built up the palace on stage, they develop metaphorical parallels by the construction protocol with loving behavior, like attraction and sexual game by the Palace set and the balance / imbalance of relation or the instable and insecurity represented by the construction or destruction of the Palace.