Lost & Dead in Thunderland

(das Tebras as Treboadas)

Currently transdisciplinar creation of Mercé de Rande. Supported by ALT Vigo festival and co produced by Nassim El Raqs festival, Alexandria. The process started with an in situ research about circular labyrinth petroglyphs in Galicia 2013. The creation growed during Mercé de Rande official choreographer in residence in Tanzhaus, Zurich 2014. The theoric research is being made in Alexandrine Bibliothec and the choreographic writing was developed in Alexandria, supported by Nassim El Raqs festival. Sound research residence and showcase was made in Pico island by Festival Montanha 2015. Currently is scheduled the last steps to arrive to the final performance, with a new residence in Azores Fringe Festival 2015 and Site Specific Performance in June, Museu da Baleia, São Roque, Pico. Premiere is scheduled for Fall 2015 in Switzerland.

Transdisciplinar Performance for all kind of public, adapt to different spaces as theaters, museums, galleries and art centers. Based on movement, include sound performance and lights installation. Beside performance a exposition of Mercé de Rande creative process is able to exhibition, with a collection of watercolors of nervous system and brain sculptures.

Artistic Crew

Concept, Choreography and interpretation: Mercé de Rande
Musical composition and interpretation: Enea Mangili
Scenery Space and installation: Mercé de Rande
External eye: Lipi Hernandez
Dramaturgical  support: Roberto Fratini Serafide
Music collaboration: Os da fonte do frade / Fausto Bordalo Días

Showcase 2014 / 2015 

Zürich Moves / ALT festival Vigo / Nassim el Raqs festival Alexandria / Festival Montanha Pico 

Site Specific Performance on Museu Da Baleia, São Roque 12.06 Pico Island, Azores.