Mar, fento e cemento (Sea, fern and cement)

The huge material amount collected for Fiando o Kaos, carried Mercé to consider the further work with it, to expand it and develope in different ways. The transfer of research material and creative process of fiando o kaos to another project, started in 2009 with the research residency granted by Galician Choreographic Center. From fiando o kaos, directed by Mercé de Rande and performed by five artists from different backgrounds, arriving to re.fiando, directed and performed by Mercé de Rande and Brasilian musician, Sarga. 

Same working material, converge in two different performances, however if they were paintings they would work as diptych. Such content used for both, research and creation processes, generates an exhibition composed by Mercé de Rande photographs and sound installations, that were inspiring to create some scenes or generates scenes, that later, never become integrate in the performance. 

The analysis made in this residence, coached by Lipi Hernandez, lead Mercé to publish her process research notebook from fiando o kaos. The book condensing all the research process for both performance proposals and the exhibition made arround Galician identity nowdays, would be coupled under the name Mar, fento e cemento, as words who better defines Galicia, from past till today.


Palace Dance Renewed

This project is a research on the study of the use of space geometry in palace dances, XVII and XVIII century, collected in a writing paper made within University framework HKB, Bern while Mercé de Rande was pursuing her Master on Scenic Arts at STD, Verscio.

At scenic level this research was released in two parallel projects both with musical collaboration:

-SAOR EN MUSICA: Music and dance program made for Stellae festival, the biggest festival in Galicia for Ancient Music. Consisting of English music dances XVI and XVII interpreted and adapted by Jorge Montes (violin), Carlos García Friend (viola da gamba) and Diego Red (arquilaud).  Mercé de Rande developed the choreographic interventions for this concert, based on their corresponding dances of the time, inspired palace dances, playing with spatial codes of Renaissance and Baroque gestures. Performed by Shahaf Michaeli and Mercé de Rande.

-Regando as Raíces (watering the roots)  in collaboration with Macarena Montesinos (cello). From a maverick position, this project stems from the need to move and manipulate the past, from a spatial Designed pentagram inspired by the Renaissance geometry, developed through dialogue with the music, which reinterpret milestones, myths and Galician melodies and the process with their own interpretation of environment Galician court.