Choreographic Interventions in Art Exhibitions

Mercé de Rande invites Ana F. Gouveia to share with her an approximation to visual arts through the physicality of the body. A movement exploration, with the tools of contemporary creation bind to the body. Relying on contemporary dance and choreographic study to open new perspectives when look art works, that may seem depleted rational analysis, but that can reveal new aspects when we approach them from physical point of view. 

First step was completed in Laxeiro Foundation, by ALT festival Vigo proposal called: Exposición Danzada, where 5 Galician Choreographers were invited for a dance intervention on Laxeiro permanent exposition. Each choreographer choose a work from Laxeiro exposition.

Laxeiro Selected Work by Mercé de Rande and Ana F. Gouveia:

Los Dioses / The Gods (1970)

The approach of this work part from a study on Laxeiro painting method, values ​​encouragement more than the result, where expression set above representation. With these premises they elaborated a choreographic study drawing lines in space, Laxeiro strokes created by bodies in space. Articulated by a first design sketch in space, like Laxeiro work regarding the design, (pentagram from which articulates all the work). Combine pulsating rhythm and fluidity movements drawing with their bodies lines and shapes in space, suspended with characters strokes, to enhance the expressiveness of this painting. They played Laxeiro singularity called "circular Cubism", designing a piece of triple circular character.





Isolated from his land facing a new society trying to mix with it, but he cant skip the isolation of his soul. Attemping to brake out his box to meet the people with his artificial living body and his real dead soul, bleeding sand all the time.

Deadline explore the dead part of ourselves, the lack of hope and motivation that can divide a physical body with his anima. 

Deadline is a performance built by the Egyptian actor and director Mohamed El Hagrasy and the Spanish dancer and director Mercé de Rande. Created in Rote Fabrik Zurich, in the frame of a residence supported by Pro Helvetia.