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Cie. Das CirKunsTanzias


(Vigo, Spain)

Artistic director, choreographer, performer and visual artist.

Her city of origin, influences her personality and creative universe. The oceanic scent, inspires her curiosity and push her need of artistic expression. Performer and visual artist, her creations combines contemporary dance with visual art, condition which has became her speciality after more than 15 years of career. Her big topics are related to Humanity and the Sea. Specially interested in the legacy of Ancient cultures, her work can travel from the origin of the Human being, up to social aspects of currently international importance. The Sea, origin of life, might reveal exchequers of the humanity history. Conscious of the inmensity meaning of this two words, movement and image turn into her creation's epicentre. The fact of communicate without the need of words, reveal dance in a deeper significant dimension, movement contains also the unconscious information, which even if we probably could not rationalize, but the body can already indicate.



(Mendrisio, Switzerland)

Musician, composer and Dj.

More than 15 years to music dedication, including sound technician and Dj. Enea met Mercé in 2013 working in a theatre project in which both take part. The tunning among them is inmediate and undeniable, both motivated to explore another sonorous aproximations and anxious to cross together new ways of creation. Enea finds a great affinity with Mercé de Rande work methode, joins inmediately her creative universe and he became part important of it, initiating by this way a rich collaboration between both artist. Enea's work is based on sound roots, in the reasearch of most ancient and mystical sound meaning, with the aim to update this knowledge and integrate it to his work on contemporary sound art. His creations and sonorous compositions wrap in an atmosphere, which more than music accompaniment it's a way to create sound space of imaginary, loaded with initiation meaning, in continous interaction with the movement or images generated by Mercé and her multidisciplinary art.




(Bern, Switzerland)

Production Manager.

Following the path of her heart Nicole Keller met Mercé de Rande and liked her work and person from the first moment. There was this connection between art and wisdom and an encourgament  attitude from both sides. For Nicole it is a honour to support CirKunsTanzias company by using her background as a manager and coach. Grown in a circus artist background and addicted to music and dance, there is a lot of passion and joy supporting Mercé de Rande and CirKunsTanzias platform in their precious work.


(Limerick, Irlanda)
Autor dramático, escritor

Creció en Zúrich, primero estudió historia y literatura rusa en la Universidad de Zurich antes de empezar sus estudios dramaturgicos en la Universidad de Arte de Zurich (Zürcher Hochschulde der Künste), donde se graduó. Colabora con Mercé de Rande desde 2011, con ella comparte cierta filosofía e ideas políticas, así como una visión irónica de la humanidad. Él es frecuentemente el apoyo dramaturgico y conceptual de sus piezas. Dramaturgo de LP4am Sculpture DeVice, estrenado en Tanzhaus Zürich 2014.


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Mercé de Rande
Art Director
Nicole Keller